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Advertising, guerilla, branding, identity, marketing, design.

Offpixel by Martin Pavely

The draw navigation is a nice touch, but content gets lost.

The Brilliance of Louis C.K.'s Emails: He Writes Like a Politician - Adrienne LaFrance - The Atlantic

It’s all about strategy.

Simple ode to the best.


Constant reminder.


Over the Hills

Probably one of the cooler band/interactive sites I’ve seen in a minute. While no other purpose other than to promote the band, the overall design is nice.



GOD. So cool.


Why The Future Of Marketing Belongs To Geeks And Freaks | Co.Create | creativity culture commerce

Hm. So data, tech, and artists are the ones driving the advertising narrative? Rather than headlines, traditional copy and film?… Well, yeah.

Bureau Hardy Seiler

Nice designs from a pretty rad shop.

Would love to have this in reading nook space.


(via Project Yosemite)
I want all of this.

Grandpa's Photos

This is a sweet and well thought idea for someone you care about. Reconnecting and making sense of the past, nicely done.

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