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Advertising, guerilla, branding, identity, marketing, design.

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Dangerous. | Listen to the 'There For U' EP

Cool, but fuck, I think I’m going to be sick.


Greater Than Or Equal To, Alan Trotter's Website, is A Monument to Hubris

Not bad.

Dribbble Comment Generator – Generate your own completely random comment

We all need it sometime.


Responsive Logos

Kind of cool.

Offpixel by Martin Pavely

The draw navigation is a nice touch, but content gets lost.

The Brilliance of Louis C.K.'s Emails: He Writes Like a Politician - Adrienne LaFrance - The Atlantic

It’s all about strategy.

Simple ode to the best.


Constant reminder.


Over the Hills

Probably one of the cooler band/interactive sites I’ve seen in a minute. While no other purpose other than to promote the band, the overall design is nice.



GOD. So cool.


Why The Future Of Marketing Belongs To Geeks And Freaks | Co.Create | creativity culture commerce

Hm. So data, tech, and artists are the ones driving the advertising narrative? Rather than headlines, traditional copy and film?… Well, yeah.

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